Utilizing and providing fully equipped work stations and latest technology with IMac 27 Zoll or Mac Pro with programms such as Capture One and Photoshop CC2017.

Photo-camera equipment available such as Hasselblad H4D digital (35mm | 50 -110mm | 120mm) Fotostativ Gitzo, Nikon D 700/800/850

Moving Image

We can provide the latest high-speed film and digital recording equipment from providers such as RED and Nikon D850.


A selection of lighting equipment for studio and location shoots is available.

2x Profoto Pro7s/1200 Ws Generator

Profoto Pro7s/2400 Ws Generator

ProHeads und Schirme 40 -120cm

Profoto Pro Ringflash
Briese Focus 44 + Briese Softbox 100x100 incl.Generator

Beauty Dish - silber oder weiß
2x Striplight soft
Schirm 200cm


Jokerbug1600, div. Lichformer

Chimera Octaplus Softbox

Arri HMI 1200 Stufe



Arri 2000